The Closet

Last weekend was our first since classes resumed for Craig so I had to re-learn to entertain myself on the weekends while he secluded himself for some studying. I had planned to watch the BBC production of Middlemarch on Netflix via instant download but the sound was about 30 seconds off from the video and I just couldn't handle it. That left me watching the HGTV while I knitted which had the very unfortunate effect of infecting me with "redecoratitis." If you are a woman, I am sure you have experience it yourself - that super strong urge to move furniture around. This is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is nice to switch things up but our apartment is small. The furniture only fits one way. So I pushed those feelings out of my head and proceeded to busy myself with bread baking and soup making.

Then Monday night, I discovered that my infection hadn't gone away, it had merely mutated into "possessiona bulimia" I had to organize, sort, purge - if I didn't, I knew I would explode.

I'm not really sure what brought it on. It could be that we gained some items over Christmas and didn't get rid of anything. It could be that our bedroom is currently holding items to take to my brothers (guitar, computer and monitor, and bag of random junk valuables) that are taking up space. It could be that our recyclable containers (also in our bedroom) are overflowing and I wanted to take my "decor anger" out on them but couldn't. It could also be, and probably is, just do the fact that I am a woman and experienced a whim.

So Craig and I took our "7-9" time and went through our closet. When I say "our closet," I don't just mean the closet it our bedroom. I mean our one and only closet. It currently holds:
  • camping supplies, including a tent and two sleeping bags
  • my craft supplies and sewing machine
  • suitcases
  • Craig's emergency supplies
  • Craig's genealogy stuff
  • our scrapbooking/picture stuff
  • cat crate
  • extra linens
  • christmas stuff
  • vacuum
Oh, and don't forget our clothes. Both our current clothes, our summer clothes and all the winter stuff that we have but don't need it Texas. It is very full.

But by the time we were done sorting into keep, trash, ebay and donate piles, we had gotten rid of two large boxes worth of stuff. Which meant that the lone rubbermaid container that didn't fit into the closet does now!

I think I will also have us splurge on some prettier recyclable containers we can keep in the entry way so I don't have to squeeze past them every night/morning. Then we can take a trip to visit my brother to see Austin and give him back his stuff and we will have our bedroom back! Considering how steep the cost of redecoratitis can sometimes be, I think Craig will have gotten off pretty cheaply. Which is good, because there is no insurance for it.


  1. That sounds like a huge closet! Or the Mary Poppins carpet bag of all closets! HGTV is a dangerous channel, as is the food network!

  2. HGTV... how I love and hate you for this exact reason...

    Yeah, I want to do stuff to my home every single time I watch. My favorite show is Devine Design. I would let Candis do anything to my home and I know I would be happy.


    Wish I didn't need the winter gear right now.