Tea for two...I mean six.

Growing up, I never considered the fact that my dad was in the military especially cool or neat or whatever word we used back then. It was just the way it was. And everyone I was friends with was also a military brat or was friends with a lot of them so they didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary either. But when I got to college, I realized that other people had interesting ideas about how I must have been raised; most seemed to imagine me growing up in some sort of pre-Maria Von Trapp family household complete with bed inspections and a dad that barked orders at us. After I stopped laughing, I tried to set them straight. Don't get me wrong, my dad is certainly not a girly-man and is well respected by his men (and his family) but he isn't a Marine. He wasn't a yeller, didn't require my brothers to have buzz cuts, and he even drinks tea. So when my mom mentioned that she had made reservations for the whole family to go to a tea party, I didn't think anything about it. The first time it was mentioned to Craig, I'm pretty sure he though it was a joke. But he he went along with it, and this is what I imagine he was thinking:

I'm not sure so about this tea thing. It seems a bit girly and I feel silly. Oh wait, there are hats for the ladies to wear if they want...I'm pretty sure MacKenzie wants to wear one, I'll pick one for her.
Much better. I may feel silly but at least I'm not wearing a hat like MacKenzie. Okay, I suppose I am actually going to have to drink some of this. Here goes.
I guess it's not so bad. And look, the boys seem to be having fun too.
But the Beav is just a kid and Rick's a t-sip so what do they know? Although the Colonel is here and he's a real man. I guess that makes it okay.
Maybe tea parties aren't so bad after all.


  1. Craig, I can see in that you used a great deal of restraint in keeping your pinky down. Cudos!

  2. Love the hats! Looks like a good time was had by all. :)