24, Season 7: 1-2 PM

Ah, here we go once again with my random reactions. First, how did Bill and Chloe find the buried-alive Agent Walker? Is Jack still wearing that comm unit, allowing them to overhear him?

You know, this African bad guy, Dubaku, is a moron. "Kill our best operative, I want to keep the diamonds." "The President hasn't responded to my demands in the last 20 minutes, let's launch more attacks." And stupidest of all, he's physically in the US. Couldn't he run this whole thing from a satellite phone on his yacht or something? Good thing he has a lot of operatives who are smarter than him, yet evil and greedy.

Madam President: "I want to speak personally to all first responders." Sure, I'll set up a conference call. This continues the president as micro-manager theme we've seen this season.

When the bad guys start talking to the pilots over the radio, don't the pilots notice that the air traffic controllers all of a sudden have different voices? Unless the bad guys wait until the precise moment the pilots switch between zones or something, but I don't see that happening.

Chloe: "I'm a stay-at-home mom." So we know that her pregnancy went well, but we still haven't seen the kid. Is it at grandma's right now?

You know, the previews at the end of the show sure give away a lot (as do the backs of the DVD cases, for that matter). We know that Dubaku will be located next week. Does that mean the threat will be over, and the rest of the season will be devoted to uncovering the government conspiracy? It would be like last year, when the nukes were neutralized after 17 hours, leaving 7 hours to do other things. But there are still 18 hours left this season, so I suspect someone will get away with the hacking device, and the team will have to chase them around. Or maybe we'll get to go back to Africa and catch up with sniveling UN guy and weaselly diplomat with sideburns. Or maybe the President will coercively interrogate her Cabinet members, like President Palmer did back in the 1st season.

See you next week.

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  1. Maybe the President will do "medical interrogations"...herself. (Get me the syringe, Ethan!)

    Great recap. And thanks for stopping over at our place!

    "A" (on behalf of both "M" and myself)