We got back from Phoenix Tuesday night. We had a blast and have tons of pictures and things to tell you about - but I'll be honest and say this trip kicked my butt. Now I don't claim to be a parenting expert on most subjects but we are definitely seasoned travelers. Arizona was Lucy's 7th state and she isn't even 2 - we've done probably 10 long (5+) hour car rides, almost as many train rides (just me and Lucy) and has been on probably close to 20 planes, several of which were just Lucy and me as well. She even recognizes the sky mall catalog and knows just where to turn to find the puppies. So I was not expecting troubles this trip but I think trip + pregnancy + toddler getting molars was what did it.

Of course, during the trip I didn't know it was the molars, all we knew was that she was threw more tantrums in those 4 days than the previous 6 months combined - it was bad (but luckily, she did pretty good on the planes). And my energy level made it hard for me to keep up with her. I thought it might be the time difference and tried to convince myself of that but I began to panic that my great traveler was gone - a scary though when we also have a two week trip planned for later this summer. Or worse, this was just the beginning of the terrible twos!

But the day we got home, she started crying while eating a piece of bread and I looked in her mouth and there are definitely white bumps in the back. And she refused to lay down for a nap so she slept sitting up on my lap so I'm pretty confident that my normally sweet little girl is not gone forever and that it will pass soon, hopefully really really soon. But on the plus side, because she had partially gotten used to the time difference, she is know sleeping in to between 7:30-8. I'm finding getting up at 7:30 to be much more enjoyable than getting up between 5:30-6! So Lucy and I will be taking it easy these next few days but I'll be back next week with tons of pictures that I know certain grandparents are eagerly awaiting.


  1. Enjoy the quiet mornings! Glad you had a good trip.

  2. Enjoy the quiet mornings! Glad you had a good trip.

  3. "aunt tep"May 10, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    I had so much fun too, but yes, so exhausted. I give you so much credit, I don't think I could do it!