Merry Christmas K-Style

We made it home from Christmas #1 at my dad's with his fiancee, my brothers and my sister-in-law. We also managed to get together with my old college friend Amanda and meet her little cutie of a 2 year old. Good times were had but our camera broke two days before our trip so you get nothing. Sorry.

Our second "Christmas" is Friday which is the next morning Craig has off. Luckily, neither Jonah nor Lucy is very good at reading a calendar. Our new camera arrived today so I should even be able to document the cuteness that is Lucy helping everyone open their presents and Jonah playing with all the paper over the toys. Since it's almost Christmas is Korea already, here's a little music video to help you get ready for the big day tomorrow (or Friday, which ever works for you)

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  1. That made my day! And reminded me that I can watch a little K-drama while visiting relatives. :) Merry Christmas!

    (And comment without complication from my computer instead of my phone.)