Thanksgiving Recap

I made it through Thanksgiving. Actually, I more than made it through, we had a great weekend. Craig's brother and sister came to visit and the kids just love having more people around to shower them with attention. At one point Lucy told me "I'm so distracted. There are just so many people around to give me attention I don't know what to do!" But honestly, that girl is high needs so lots of attention is just what she prefers. Today she is coming down from the being the center of the world which is a bit rough but I think she'll make it :-)

I promised myself that I would take more pictures this weekend than I did last year but again, I failed. I guess we were having to much fun cooking, eating, playing games, riding ponies, racing and being chased. Here are the few I did get.

thanksgiving 040

thanksgiving 043

thanksgiving 050

thanksgiving 035

thanksgiving 022
You never get a better smile than when you put Lucy on a pony. I always said I didn't want a horse loving girl or a dinosaur loving boy. I'm about to eat my words :-)

thanksgiving 012

thanksgiving 009
Okay, part of my issues isn't not taking pictures it's not getting any good ones. I took several pictures of the kids helping Uncle Chad assemble green bean casserole and this is the best I got. Lucy ducked at the last second and Jonah looks like he's having a seizure. Seriously, I try people!

thanksgiving 005
This isn't pretty good though. 

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