The things they say

Lucy: Chelsea, Chelsea!
Craig: Who's Chelsea?
Lucy: I'm calling Jonah Chelsea right now! Chelsea? He's not coming!
MacKenzie: Well, he doesn't know you want his name to be Chelsea right now.
Lucy: Oh, but I do. Chelsea!

MacKenzie: Checking in on her and Jonah playing: Whatcha doing?
Lucy: Dancing for Joy and speaking Spanish words.
MacKenzie: Carry on then.

Lucy: Look at my beautiful Valentine.
MacKenzie: Oh, did you make it for a friend?
Lucy: Well, I did but it's too pretty to give away. I'll keep it.
MacKenzie: You could make another one to give away.
Lucy: Okay
a few minutes later...
Lucy: Look mama!
MacKenzie: Oh, who is that one for?
Lucy: Me. It's too pretty to give away.
MacKenzie: But you are supposed to make valentine's to give to people you love.
Lucy: But I love myself! This one is for me too!

Jonah has two jackets, one of which is an Texas A&M jacket. We got him to say aggie a while back and I guess we always had him repeat it when he put his jacket on because now he calls both of his jackets "aggie." If we are going outside, he runs over to the closet and says "Aggie! Aggie." And that, my friends, is how you do parenting right!

Lucy still has trouble saying her name, L's are one of the hardest letters for small children to pronounce so it's more like "you-cee." So I thought I'd help Jonah out and started refering to her as Noona. Success. Jonah now says mama, dada, and noo-noo.

Lucy has very few wrong words or phrases these days which makes me a bit sad. Two that remain - her dress up high heels are called "step shoes" and she calls my weights, "muscles."

Speaking of "muscles," both kids love to exercise with me so as soon as I move the coffee table and Jonah knows what is happening so he starts doing a sign he made up for exercise and then runs over to the pantry so Lucy can get him cans to use for his own weights.

Don't ever say the words "furry happy or monster" around Jonah without planning on letting him watch this video or you will have a tantruming toddler on your hands. He LOVES this song. He actually loves most music and will "sing" along when we sing or even if I just try and sit down at the piano.

Lucy: May I have some milk it my oatmeal. It's too hot.
Me: Yes, but you can't get upset if it ends up too liquidy. Remember how that happened last time?
Lucy: I won't, Mom, it will be insignificant!

Lucy has been really interested in opposites lately, all because of a story about an "opposite man" who brings trials on a little boy by making the opposite of what he wants happen (spills his milk on the ceiling, etc). We were driving to church one day when she saw a smiley face painted on a rock and said it looked like the opposite man so she needed to say some opposites like "I love Sunday School!" and "I will be wild at Sunday School"

For the record, she doesn't hate Sunday School, she just prefers not being around other children if at all possible. But it is true that she isn't wild there, I think her favorite part is when it is time to clean up the toys and games and sit still and listen.

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