18 months

Jonah is already 19 months old (and quickly approaching 20, stop baby boy stop!) but I wrote these things down last month so I wouldn't lose them. He's already changed so much. His vocabulary is probably double now. 

You've really started talking a lot recently. Some of your words include - Mama, Dada, Wa-Ba (Water or Water Bottle), Na-No (Noona for Lucy), pot-tee, baby, baggie, kitty, mi-mi (nurse),  lots of animal sounds. I didn't think you signed much compared to Lucy but then I started writing them down and you do have a lot. Some are: eat, book, bye, sleep, outside, bath, hot, (cow) milk, all done, flower, ball, hat, shoes, rain,  puppy, kitty, penguin, fish, monkey, giraffe, horse, bunny, hippo, mouse, frog, butterfly, bug, spider ...you really like animals.

You also love books but while Lucy liked a lot of variety, you like the same ones over and over again - llama, llama books are big hits, Farmer Will and a couple other animal picture books, but mostly nursery rhymes. We have to hide the Mother Goose book sometimes to save our sanity.

You love to be moving. You can walk up and down stairs by yourself, run around, walk backwards while saying beep-beep, and when I'm exercising, you like to join me and you can actually do a mean plank and downward dog.

You love to play with food. Eating, well, not so much. Except chicken. You down chicken like its chocolate. But you don't seem to like chocolate that much. We have to watch you because you'll sneak into the lunch and snack drawers and find food to carry around. You love to walk around the house with cookies or crackers in your hand - but you don't really want to eat them, they are just insurance I guess.

You're really sweet. You love to carry around your eebee doll or a stuffed animal around and hug and kiss it or you'll stroll them around and make them food from the pretend kitchen - or feed us food from your kitchen. You love real animals more. Every morning you help me feed the kitty and you love to pat the kitty and put your head down so she can lick it. If she isn't it he mood to lick, you just keep following her around until she finally gives in - or jumps up high. When we visit the chicks, you pet them so gentle with one finger or hold out their treat worms.

You love to build towers with wooden blocks and duplo. With wooden blocks you'll clap for yourself or call for us to look then laugh when you knock them down. Building duplo or handing one of us duplo blocks so we build something is another favorite. You like to build a tower then put one "fancy" block on top and call it by name.

You love to be outside. Your first stop when we go is the sandbox and I'm sure you'd spend hours in there if I let you. You also like to run around the yard and walk along the top of the wall like a balance beam - but will not accept my holding your waist or hand. I can keep my hands close but not touching, you're a big kid and can do it yourself! You love to ride Lucy's balance bike but you' re so small your feet can't touch so daddy has to push it. You love your new baseball cap and sunglasses and can't wait to put them on if it is sunny and I get them out for you. You always turn your hat so it is a little bit crooked. They make you look like such a big kid. But in reality, you are my little guy. Your just now fitting into some 18 month clothes but the 12 month still works too. You did get your first pair of real big kid/hard soled shoes though and you like those too.

You also love to play dress up with Lucy's things - I think we need to find you some boy dress up clothes though ;-) You love to do art with Lucy, drawing and playdough especially. Actually, you love to do anything Lucy is doing and you love to make her laugh. If you do something weird or funny and she laughs, you just keep doing it for a while. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it means you're walking around with a piece of cheese on your head for 5 minutes.

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