Spring K-drama overload Part I

Whew, these posts make it seem like I've done nothing but watch tv the last few months but in reality, I haven't watched a drama in quite a while. I just finished most of these right as Lent started or a few weeks into it so I didn't get a chance to post about them. So here's part I. 

Two Outs in the Ninth Inning/Bottom of the 9th with 2 outs/9 end 2 outs - 3.75

This is an older drama but it is such a cute story of two best friends discovering that maybe they should be more due to some cohabitation hijinks. I really love those forced living situations/co-habitation dramas and this one has a much more realistic set-up than some others I might mention (cough  Full House cough). It almost feels like two different dramas though. The first part is funnier and deals more with the female lead's growth. I wasn't a fan of her noona romance to start but it helped that I knew it wouldn't last and I did love seeing the main leads friendship when it truly is a friendship. The second part isn't as funny and I certainly missed the humor of the initial episodes but I liked the plot more as it dealt with the two leads, their relationship with each other as well as their other friends. Overall, quite enjoyable.

The Prime Minister and I/The Prime Minister is Dating - 3 (Averaging the 5 stars for the first part, 1 for the second)

Oh show. You hurt me. I didn't think I would like you. Mostly because the PR was bad. First you were about a prime minister and the nanny that brought the family together as he found love (Sound of Music anyone). Then, before the show started, it all switched and suddenly it was a contract marriage with a reporter. That isn't bad but it seems a bit weird to have such a large change. Add in the fact that there was a sizable age difference between the main leads (even for me!) and the star was a Girl's generation idol and I think it is pretty understandable that I went in cautiously.

Then you were so adorable! The first 75% of this show is amazingly cute. The main leads totally had chemistry and I loved the emphasis on family and how the leads communicated even when they were fighting. I'm a sucker for contract relationships and this one was done for all the right reasons. Yoona was actually great in this role, very believable and I understood why everyone loved her. And for being kinda old, Lee Bum Soo was pretty awesome as "Korea's youngest prime minister." I especially loved all the kids and the fact that they were actually a part of the story and not tagged on leaving you wondering if they were ever fed (cough, cough, Reply 1994, cough cough). Even the second female lead was a decent human being and I love it when that happens. I was tad disappointed in the second male lead role but that's more because I really like Yoon Shi-yoon but he will always be "Enrique" to me. Overall, I was convinced you were going to be in my top 5. But then..

Show, you did me wrong! Why? Why? You not only jumped the shark, then that shark started eating all the small children? The final ending itself was okay-ish but a handshake, really? And more than that, you dropped all the good stuff for the yucky filler and completely lost the heart and abandoned your theme. Badly done, PMIS,  badly done.

TLDR - Watch and love the first 75-80%, then stop. Or don't, but don't blame me when you finding yourself breaking out in hives.

Playful Kiss - 3.5

This was a very popular show a couple of years ago but all I ever heard was the criticism which didn't really incline me to watch it. But eventually I did and it is pretty cute despite it major flaws. The main plot is that an high school girl falls in love with a smart but not very kind boy and basically follows him around until he gives in and marries her. And yes, the plot is the major weak point. There isn't much of one and what is there, sounds so sad. But it honestly is really cute. I'm not sure what else I can say other than that. Oh wait, this one has co-habitation too, complete with encouraging parents. And there are couples (matching) flannel pajamas and really, can you get more adorable newlywed flannel pajamas. I think not.

Let's Eat - 4.5

I think this is my favorite show of the year. It seemed like a bit of a sleeper but I hope that is just my perception because it deserves better. I don't know anyone who recapped it and I didn't even start watching it until it was half way over. But I caught up quickly. It's just so darn cute! but it's not totally fluffy either.

The main show doesn't have too much of a plot, it's more of a slice of life drama about single/apartment dwelling life, loneliness, family/friends and food. Lots and lots of food. It's practically the "Farmer Boy" of the k-drama world. I'm pretty sure my kimchi consumption went up at about 10x when I started watching this show. Luckily the kids like kimchi too.

There is a bit of a criminal mystery but that is really an odd odd side plot. I didn't mind it since they kept it mostly to cliffhanger endings and as a way to have our other characters interact. And the characters are a lot of fun.

Soo-Kyung is one of my favorite types of female leads. She is your average woman but with a little bit of quirkiness. In this case, she's a tad suspicious and really loves her food.

Dae-Young is a refreshingly different male lead too. He's not cold and aloof - or rich and living under his parent's thumb. Who knew k-dramas could actually have a normal guy in a first male lead role - crazy talk! He may not be quite what you think he is at the beginning of the show, but he's genuinely "the best best man!" (insert thumbs up here). And I know Korean idols tend to get a lot of flack for their inability to act (mostly deservedly so) but Yoon Doo-Joon did an awesome job in this role. I still laugh at his intense food talk moments. Between him and Monstar's Yong Joon Hyung, I think I'm turning into a B2ST Fangirl.

Jin-Yi is another awesome female. On paper, she's a bit ridiculous. She's recently been dropped into the real world but everything is so new and excited (my first bill! I've always dreamed of paying a bill!) that you'd think you'd hate her, but she's also genuine and sweet so you love her. Actually all the characters are a bit odd on paper, but you end up liking - and laughing - at them all, even the dog. Maybe especially Barassi the dog. I really liked his scenes. (Side note: Jang Won-Young plays the best friend's husband/office manager. Everytime I see him in a show I think he's the korean Jeremy Piven. Anyone else?) 

Super cute, super funny! The best!

My Love from the Star/My Love from Another Star/You Who Came from the Stars - 4.25

The was immensely popular. Some people say it deserved it, some say it was overrated. I agree. There are a lot of reasons why it shouldn't have been super popular - 400 year old alien and a super star actress? Plus it was long, the murder mystery was ridiculous and the sci-part of the show was a bit lacking in development. BUT - the good stuff was really good.  Jun Ju-hyun is so funny. I guess she's more of a movie star and I don't really watch Korean movies so I hadn't heard of her but I know why people love her. She's hilarious and her character is over the top but still manages to be relatable - in a huge vain super star kinda way. I'm actually laughing outloud just remembering the scene with her running and using her leg to try and block that cameo by Suzy. And Kim Soo-hyun as Do Min-Joon was great too - the perfect adorable "grumpy cat" alien who didn't want to fall in love. Heck, he didn't even want to get involved. And it certainly didn't hurt that there was plenty of skinship.

As for the ending, the show never pretending to really care about the sci-fi aspect. The alien part was a mere vehicle for the two main characters to be conflicted about. So I'm not torn up about the lack of answers or duex ex machina stuff. I'm just happy everyone ended up right where they should be. I'm just assuming the whole spit issue was resolved with some good old fashion immunity building through exposure even though that wasn't really explained either. But overall, I laughed, I cried. It moved me, Bob.

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