A Mother's Daybook - September 12

Oops. Thought I got this post all set to go for Friday morning but came back from our (mostly computer-less) trip and it hadn't posted! Oh well, better late than never. 

Reading - A million things right now. I like the idea of having several things going at once but its gotten out of hand. I'm absolutely forbidding myself from starting any new books until I've finished up a couple of the ones I'm on right now but I don't often listen to myself so what can I do? But this was my new score from a library book sale last weekend. 

 basement 015

Overall a disappointing sale but I'm happy with the really cute hardcover Lamb's book of Shakespeare I got for $1. I already have a copy but its really large and the paper is annoying so its not conducive to reading on a couch. This new version should speed up my progress a bit. I also got Jonah a small copy of Beatrix Potter's Tale of Jeremy Fisher. I love the little versions. He carries it around calling it his froggy bible (he calls almost any hard cover or grown-up book a "bible"). It's too bad the whole set of those is so expensive. I think I need to start searching ebay for one. 

Listening/Watching - Phantom of the Opera and The Magic Flute. The kids are a bit obsessed. We sometimes let them watch a few clips on the computer if they get ready for bed quickly enough and they always ask for same things in the same order, first one or two clips of Phatom of the Opera, described by what outfit Christine is wearing and whether the guy is wearing a mask. (No, not the white dress one. The cape and the mask one!) Then they want Papagana and then if we still have time, Pete the Cat and the New Guy. It's an odd bedtime routine but if it gets teeth brushed without fussing, I'm okay with it.

Drinking - Kombucha. I've come around and am actually starting to like this.

basement 017

Jonah loves it. I still prefer it with a shorter brewing time then either juice or strawberries for a second ferment (although I'm trying lemon/lime with my next batch). I've just set up a continues brew system that will make it much easier but I'm hoping the flavor won't be too intense that way. I do feel a bit sorry for the chickens though. The continuous brew system won't give me a new scoby each week to cut up for them and they love that. It's chicken candy!

Making - Jonah's birthday present. I can't wait to give it to him but I'll contain myself by showing you all first if you promise to keep the secret. Maybe this will replace Lucy's purple princess dress as his dress up item of choice.

dino 001

Doing - Night Weaning. It's time. I knew he was ready and that was confirmed by how well it has been going so far. We are using Dr. Gordan's method for toddlers, reading Nursies When the Sun Shines and talking a lot during the day about how love mimi at daytime but mimi likes to sleep at night. And by mimi, we really mean me. I like to sleep at night. The first night he cried  threw a tantrum for about 5 minutes then Craig started quoting Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and he stopped to listen, by the time that was over, he was out. The rest of the wake-ups were even easier and involved no fussing at all. Actually, his tantrum the next morning when I took away the cup of milk he kept trying to dump all over the table was worse. Tonight is the first night of step 2 so I hope the easy streak continues.

Planning and Preparing - More individual time with Jonah. He took a early nap a few days ago (see above) and Lucy took a long late one which meant I had a couple hours just with him. We played trains together and then he helped me cook.

basement 019

I love the way Lucy and Jonah interact but it was a lot of fun spending time with just him. And he had so much fun helping me cook. I actually liked cooking with him too. If both kids are around in the kitchen, I feel like I spend all my time stopping one kid from doing something just to turn around and find the other getting into trouble. Or trying to explain that each "Yes, you will each get a turn, I promise." Lucy doesn't always take a nap so I get one on one time with her several times a week but I've got to figure out a way to fit some just Jonah time in. Maybe she and Craig need more date nights?

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