Happy Birthday Jonah!

Dear Jonah,

I can't believe that just two years ago, this was happening. I want to say that I can't believe you're two years old but that isn't true. You are such a little man these days. I'm trying to hang on to your babyhood but you're just not having it. You've been at a real seat at the table with real dishes and silverware for a few months now.  You have your own ideas of how things should be - and yes, you get quite upset if things don't go your way. You like to do things "Jonah own" with as little help as possible. Except when it comes to walking, you much prefer being carried. You love to join in the conversations just like a big kid and have quite an impressive vocabulary. I prepared myself for you not being quite as talkative as Lucy but the family genetics for talkers are too strong and you've joined the ranks as one of us talkers. I'm not sure if very many people other than Daddy, Noona and I can understand you but you try anyway. Basically, you refuse to be my baby boy anymore. But too bad, you always will be!

Other things you love:

  • Books. No surprise there. Current favorites are Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, The Magic Flute and Farmer in the Dell but these change weekly. 
  • Ice Cream. You don't really like cake, brownies or even most cookies but mention ice cream and you're in!
  • Dinosaurs. You've got a dinosaur toothbrush, pajamas, large foam lovey, little ones to carry around. You can pretty much spot a dinosaur from a mile away. 
  • Moving. Dancing, jumping, climbing, hanging. Pretty much anything physical (except walking - see above)
  • Counting (more or less accurately, you doesn't care for the 4 much). 
  • Colors. You are best at the colors of plates we have (and since we have Fiesta-ware, there are several) but you're starting to add in other ones like purple and grey. You're favorite is yellow. You might say its blue but if you have a choice about anything, you want it to be yellow. You point out yellow things everywhere and often will spontaneously hug something because its yellow. 
  • Anything your "Noona" is doing. Sometimes she'll see you start to copy her and turn to me and say "Mommy, monkey see, monkey do!" 
  • Playing games with Lucy. Her favorites are eye-spy and hide-and-seek and truthfully, you are really bad at both but you just HAVE to participate anyway and she's a pretty good sport. 

Things I want to remember about this age:

  • Your prayers are always exactly alike and phonetically go something like this; Day Ga, Na-Noo Food, A-may (Dear God, Thank You Good, Amen). It works well at dinner time, not as much at bedtime. 
  • Your "This is scary" face. You put a palm on each cheek and open your mouth wide and say "scary." If I was cruel I might put on Thomas the Tank Engine just to watch you make that face.
  • You say "Sorry Noona" when she's been told to apologize to you. 
  • The way you hug things up close to your face and saw "awww." You still do this to every egg you bring down to the house before you will let us put it up. But also babies (of both people and animal variety) in books, fluffy things, anything that Lucy says is cute. 
  • The way you like to talk to be at bedtime now. You tell me all about your day and what happened. Of course, I was present for 90% of it but it's always fun to hear your highlight reel. I just love getting a peek at what is in that little head of yours. 

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