Thanksgiving Week in Pictures

Sneaking away for a date while there was an excess of babysitters around. I don't think they missed us at all (either the kids or the grandparents ;-)


But that night the boys got to work preparing the traditional Norwegian dish Lefse which Lucy referred to as a tortilla thing.


Lounging with Uncle Chad and Auntie Steph

thanksgiving 001

Decorating the Table. I didn't have a tablecloth big enough (I should, but I couldn't find it) so I just covered it white easel paper.

thanksgiving 006

 I suggested decorating it with fall designs which I thought was a good idea, Grandma suggested drawing things we were thankful for which I thought was a better idea, Lucy insisted that the whole thing was a princess's backyard!

thanksgiving 008

Lucy was too busy soaking up everyone's attention and handed over her sous chef role to Jonah. He did a really good job on the cranberry sauce and helped put together the green bean casserole with a bit of supervision from Uncle Chad.

thanksgiving 015

Then he insisted on running around with (an extra, clean) pair of underwear on his head. Our celebration was obviously very formal.



One of the many book readings Jonah persuaded someone into.


He also persuaded Grandma to give up her turkey leg. Took it right off her plate and looked so cute she didn't even bother getting it back.


Lucy did a little persuading of her own. I guess we had been in picture taking mode so much she started to think every moment needed one so when we walked past a big rock one evening she insisted we all get together on top for a picture. So here we are, in the cold, in the dark, standing on a rock just for her. Probably not one for the scrapbook but it does make me laugh. 


But the biggest miracle was probably family photo time. Thanks to Neighbor J and some pretty snowflakes in the background, we got several great shots of everyone together with only a little bit of photoshop due to someone's unwillingness to smile on demand (no, not a child, a child's father, ahem). This is a bit of tease because I'm not actually sharing those yet but I thought you'd be happy to know we got them. All in all, a good week. Hope yours was too!


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