Some things I'm loving

Warm drinks -  I think I've mentioned Heavenly Homemakers hot chocolate soother before. It's wonderful. And I'm a chocolate girl. But yesterday I tried the vanilla and its really good too. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on there but next time I might try adding a spoonful of pumpkin. Yum. Keep in mind its basically a thin pudding, but that's why its so good. Lucy calls them "Susan." As in, "Mommy, when we go inside, can I have a Susan?" I correct her but the next time, she's right back to Susan. But by either name, they taste just as good. I've also made some regular hot chocolate with some peppermint extract in it. That was good too! Yum.

Fleece lined leggings - Oh my goodness. These are...I'm not even sure how to describe my love for them. They are so great. Don't fear, I don't wear them as pants but under skirts. I got mine from Deborah and Co. but I need more so I might try Costco. The Deborah and Co. one are really nice though.

Babyganics disposable diapers - Finally, a disposable diaper Jonah doesn't pee out of. Yes, its a disposable. But he's down to only being in diapers for nights and church (because I'm not that mean to the nursery workers) so it didn't make sense to wash a teeny tiny load of cloth diapers and undies every other day but going longer was making our diaper rash issues much worse. But I hate disposables and we were at the point where he was waking up soaking wet in the middle of the night about 50% of the time. Not fun. These don't suck. And that's pretty much a glowing recommendation from me. Jonah doesn't seem to trust them since he's started waking up between 2-4am asking me to take him to the potty (and yes, only mommy will do!) but maybe in time that will change? A mom can hope.

Gilmore Girls on Netflix - I know what you're thinking, it's American right? Don't worry, when Craig's around we watch Dr. Who on the weekends and I'm still watching korean dramas too (right now its this one which I like, but its a family drama so its long (50 episodes?) and slow and probably not a good starter drama so don't necessarily count that as a recommendation. I'll probably finish it in a year or so and let you know what I think then :-).

But I've got time since I've not been feeling very well lately, not just the stomach thing I had and now the cold I have but in general so my evenings have to be pretty low key. Basically, once the kids are asleep, I collapse in bed and it's Gilmore girls time. The added benefit of a show being in English is that if I am feeling okay, I can listen while continuing to work on the kid's Christmas present. Those are simply but surprisingly time consuming. But I'm only one parrot, one kitty and two babies away from being done!

The Modern English Translation of Charlotte Mason's Volume 2 - I've read several volumes in the original Victorian style but got stuck at Volume 6 so gave the modern translation a try. Love it! Now I'm reading the second volume, Parents and Children, and I'm finding it so inspiring. Between that and a couple of podcasts I've listened to lately, I'm feeling a renewed source of purpose and direction when it comes to kid and discipline and teaching - just in time for Advent. I love Advent so its a good chance for me to work on renewing a couple habits.

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