Snow day!

We got our first snow this weekend.

snow 012
So proud of his first snowman!

I love the first snow, it's like a new beginning, winter has arrived. Okay, technically it's not winter yet. I won't name names but someone told Lucy that winter doesn't officially begin until a few days before Christmas so my little rule stickler will correct me if I say its winter, but come on people, it's winter!

snow 010
Lucy's snowman and fort.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

snow 007

And it got me thinking about seasons and time. I tend to be a worrier. And right now it seems like my plan, my idea of what should be happening in this time, this season, isn't. But only when I think about time. In the moment, I'm normally okay. If I look at each day, I love my life. I say normally because the reason I am able to be so pensive right now is Craig has the kids at church will I'm recovering from a stomach bag (or reaction to my first accidental gluten expose? Not really sure. Trying not to think about it.) And nothing makes you hate your life more than a stomach bug. But putting that aside, life is good.

snow 004

Yesterday, watching the kid's experience the first snow of the year was amazing. Like a hallmark movie. Unlike last year when Jonah stood there looking at us like we were crazy people for subjecting him to this cold wet stuff, he really liked it this time. They both ran around trying to catching snowflakes on their tongues before giving up and just picking some off the picnic table to eat while I tried not to think about how dirty that table was. Then we ran up to watch the chickens experience snow. Right now, I'm watching it fall out the window. I have these moments a lot, the ones where you look around and think, "Wow God, you really outdid yourself. You've given me a great life." So why do I still worry about what he has planned and if its going to be as good as I what I was wanting. It will be, it is. As good as the first snow day. As good as drinking hot chocolate on the first snow day of the year. As good as the your first taste of snow?

snow 013
Yep, that good.

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