3 Things I really don't like

1) Grown-up beverages

Coffee - yuck. Beer/Wine/Alcohol in almost any form - not a fan. Put me with the kids because I'd much rather have a glass of milk with my dinner, lemonade if I'm being "bad." And after a long hard day (or night), my poison of choice would be hot chocolate or tea. Sometimes I wish I liked coffee because being a mom to two small children, a quick source of caffeine would not always be unwelcome, but I don't even like the smell. I do like a few kinds of alcohol. The shandies I had several times in England were quite tasty, although I still probably would have liked the non-alcohol part better on its own. I also didn't hate the last 1/2 of a glass of pink champagne I had so maybe there is hope for me yet.

2) Being late

Being late stressed me out. Even being on time, depending on the situation, is not my preference. I prefer to be early. I'm not sure how I survived growing up with my nerves intact because most of the other people in my do not share this trait with me. But I did. And I married a man who is also a fan of punctuality. Opposites may attract but in this case, the similarity is grand.

3) Being cold

 I really wish I didn't hate being cold so much because I happen to be cold a lot, especially in the evenings. Our bedroom is the coldest room in the house and could probably use new insulation but for now, I put the kids to bed, put on my warmest pajamas and wool socks, turn on my space heater next to my bed and then make Craig get me the water bottle I forgot to grab (see here for more on my forgetting things). Then when Craig comes to bed and starts complaining about how hot the room is, I take off my socks and stick my still cold feet on him with the threat that they be moved until he promises to keep the heat up.

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