3 Things I'm really bad about

1) Turning off things.

Lighting is probably the most frequently not-turned off item in our house although I am getting better. I blame growing up in a military house (with paid energy bills) for this as it never was a big deal and I even slept with the lights on as a teen. Craig's frugalness put a stop to that. I also forget to turn off the stove/oven and while it doesn't happen nearly as often, it's obviously a much bigger deal. It was my biggest tool to convince Craig we really needed to go with a gas stove top. It's much much harder to forget to turn off a gas top so that problem solved itself with the kitchen remodel. And I think it's been a good 6 six months since I've walked into the kitchen to make breakfast only to realize the oven is still on from dinner the night before.

2) Getting my hair cut

I can't seem to make this happen more than every 9 months. Each time I tell myself I will go more frequently and last time I even got side-swept bangs and really liked them and was going to go back to keep them. When was that? Oh, about 9 months ago. Maybe I'll make an appointment tomorrow.

3) Getting things before I get into bed

I take my daily medication right before I go to sleep. I have almost a year and half. So you'd think making sure I have a cup of water handy would be habit by now. No. If I do remember it, I normally have forgotten something else. Like taking my contacts out or grabbing my cell phone and putting in the nightstand so I'm not stumbling around at 6:45 trying to find it inside my purse in a dark hallway. Sometimes Craig is nice and gets things for me.


  1. Haircuts! I dislike paying for them, scheduling them, and leaving the kids at home for them (instead of real alone time). Unfortunately, I'm about ready to admit that the girls are old enough to need them too, so there will be even more of the dreaded haircuts not getting done regularly.

  2. I'm good enough that I can cut Lucy's (for now, I'm sure my adolescence she'll have a higher standard by then) and I even do Craig's if it's all clipper work. But I have learned that I like Jonah to have a undercut with the top longer and I've also learned that I'm not very good at that. I've done it twice and the second wasn't as bad as the first but I think I'm gonna give the pros a try.