And we're off

Anyone else having freakishly lovely weather for January? The kids and I are making up for the last few weeks' drought of outdoor time. Thursday we went to the nature center and spent the morning hiking. Saturday the whole family went to a local park, hiked around the lake there exploring the ice on the frozen lake and listened to me rant about how the playground there is not at all toddler-friendly*. Then today we got up early enough to try something new - Elephant Rock State Park. We're up to 8.5 hrs outside this year. Woo-hoo!

elephantrock 008

elephantrock 011

elephantrock 014

elephantrock 017

elephantrock 020

elephantrock 021

elephantrock 025

elephantrock 023
*Locals: Bee Tree Park? What happened! It used to be a great toddler-friendly park but not now. Makes me so mad. All three slides are massive and you have to climb up two stories to get to them. The swings are pretty much the only thing either kid can use.

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