Happy 8th aniversary (+3 days).

Our 8th Anniversary was Tuesday. It was Tuesday and I was sick so we are celebrating today. We are going out to eat dinner tonigh, just us, the first time since Lucy was born. So we aren't the poster child for date nights but we've still managed to do more than just survive.

8 years. We've had to take the sickness and health, good times and bad, joy and sorrow part really literally. But I wouldn't change it. I love the life I've created with this man.

And now that we've made it this far, I feel confident in offering this song up as a promise to you, Craig.

English lyrics are here. I'm partial to the "We are like Coffee and Doughnut. Giving me happiness you are my special" line. So romantic :-) "I will become the small chair when you become tired from walking" also fits us well if you are the one singing. 

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