Peg people!

I'm so excited to show these off to y'all. I wish I had a good excuse for waiting until now like not wanting to ruin the Christmas surprise but neither of the recipients is old enough to get on the computer themselves. The reality is that I barely finished them in time to wrap them up. And I started way back in November. It's not that they are hard or even that they take a lot of time. I just did a lot of them and quickly found it worked best to do a bit, let it dry, and then add more details. Trying to rush things never ended well. But they really are easy and inexpensive gifts. I bought a whole bunch of blank wooden peg people from here and using some acrylic paint and triple thick, ended up with this:

xmas 027

Our family

xmas 029

A royal family, complete with baby twins because Lucy is oddly obsessed with twins these days. 

xmas 032

Some pirates and a "penguin." There is another pirate who was off getting into mischief while this picture was taken. And obviously, that "penguin" is actually a parrot but someone accidentally called it a penguin and despite the fact that said person immediately corrected him/herself, Jonah refuses to call it anything but a penguin now. But "penguin" is Jonah's favorite peg of them all.

xmas 031

Some knights and a couple community helpers. 

xmas 030

Some extra princesses and fairies. I didn't get a shot of the back but the difference is in the presence or absence of wings. In reality, the difference is that I started with these girls and I accidentally got paint smudges on the back of a couple before I learned the "one color, let dry" lesson and had to cover my mistakes with wings. But alls well that ends well. And I think they ended pretty well. All but the biggest blank pegs come in packs of 10 so I still have quite a few left. I'm just trying to decide what I want to tackle next - The Ingalls Family? A couple dragons? A few fairy tale sets? A couple Doctors and their companions*? Decisions, decisions. 

*Funny story. I was searching pinterest for boy hair peg doll styles and found a picture with a couple different male dolls. I was starting to copy the hair of one when I noticed it seemed familiar. It was totally David Tennant/The Doctor in peg doll form! So it goes to show you that no matter what form you put him in, ten has great hair.

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