Christmas Pictures

I, as usual, do a horrible job document Christmas in photos. Eat year I tell myself I'll do better but we just have too much fun to stop and take any good pictures. But here are a few

xmas 007

xmas 010

Lucy: All the Laura and Mary Books!? Can we start reading them again right now?

xmas 012

Me: Jonah, it's a dinosaur costume. Your cousins made it for you!
Jonah: No, I a dragon. I eat you!
Me: Ouch. Let's just pretend to bite please.

xmas 025

xmas2 002

The only photographic proof of our day after Christmas hike - mom photo fail.  And I didn't get any of my homemade gluten-free Christmas stollen.

Note to future self: I used this yeast free Martha Stewart Recipe but used my own gluten free flour blend, bourbon instead of run, different dried fruits, fresh orange zest instead of candied lemon zest, cottage cheese instead of ricotta, different spices and I left out the almond zest and increased the vanilla. I also shaped it into smaller loaves and couldn't roll it out because the gluten free flour makes a much loosed dough. So really not that recipe at all since I changed literally everything but the eggs, butter and baking powder but it was very yummy anyway and even being gf was much better than the store bought stuff I normally use. I hope to be eating gluten next Christmas but I will be sticking with making my own for sure. But either way, stollen Christmas morning is my German sided tradition.

But Craig can't let the Norwegien side down and this year he got actual Lefse making equipement so the battle of the heritages is heating up!


xmas2 006


I know we actually have more from our "second Christmas" but those are on Craig's phone so this will have to do for now. 

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  1. We love the little house books (and have that exact set)! I've read Big Woods to Amelie 3 times.