2nd Trimester here I come...

I'm finally at 13 weeks. "Finally", not just because hyperemesis causes the first trimester to move along at a snail's pace but also because at my last midwife appointment we move my due date back a few days.  We made the decision together and I'm happy with it but it meant I've was stuck at 12 weeks along for 12 days! It was the first trimester that wouldn't end.

I'm slowly starting to feel better. Not great yet, but better. Weeks 7-9 my goal was to stay out of the ER, weeks 10-11 it was to take a shower and make it to the couch each day. Now I feel pretty normal until about noonish so I give myself one very reasonable housekeeping goal to accomplish as well as something to do with the kids. Yesterday it was to unpack our suitcase from our Easter trip and to put the clean clothes away and then watch Jonah color (he's not allowed any writing device unless an adult is in the room) and help Lucy finish up the letter O (which we started the first week of February :-)  by drawing her letter O page. Today it was to have the kids pick up so I could sweep the floor and then read a few picture books and listen to Lucy read from her pathway reader. Not exactly spring cleaning but progress. I'd love to get off the meds within a few weeks but for now, I'm trying to be happy with where I am and not push it.

I think I need to add a mental activity for myself goal each day too. I'm getting a little stir-crazy here. I'm well enough that I am so sick and tired of spending my afternoons lying in bed watching netflix, but not well enough to actually stop doing that. If I try to force myself to do more, I normally pay for it later. But sometimes for my mental/emotional health, I have to get out of the house. Which is why I choose to do things like go to our neighborhood bible study even if I know I'll end up lying on their floor while everyone talks around me. So if I spend my time with you, especially in the evenings, consider it a compliment!

I think I'm ready to start doing some more reading. At naptime today, I got out Norms and Nobility and finally finished of Part 1. I only had four pages to go back in February but I just couldn't do it - until today! Part 2 is much more practical so I think it will go much faster giving me a chance of actually finishing it this month. And I'm about to pick out my next classic challenge book. Slowly but surely, I'm returning to the real world.

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  1. Glad 1st tri is behind you. You sound like you are doing GREAT! Keep it up. Carrie