There's no messing with hormones.

I'm 16 weeks now and just like with Lucy and Jonah, 15 weeks seems to be a turning point. I'm still on my meds but the first few days of this week, I was barely sick at all. I was able to cook dinner twice and the kids and I even did table time and started our "Q Week." So I was feeling pretty normal...until  my nesting hormones kicked in.

Instead of doing the rational thing which would be to get caught up with the chores that had been neglected, I did all sorts of random things around the house. I dusted the mini-blinds and sorted clothes and moved a (very lightweight plastic) shelf from the basement to the breezeway and reorganized the breezeway and swept the garage and reorganize the outdoor toys so we could get rid of a desk that had been out there for 9 months or so. It was really only there because we tried to take it to goodwill but it didn't fit in either of our vehicles but it partially blocked the door and I knew my "squeezing through" days are quickly coming to a close and I just NEEDED IT GONE. That second. So I put a shelf there and made the desk completely in the way to motivate us to get rid of it.

Then I braved Target. I don't think I've been in a Target since February and all I really needed was night diapers for Jonah and new undies for Lucy. But what I wanted was a new duvet cover. My bedroom these past few months had become my prison and it just needed a pick me up to remove the lingering sense (scents?) of hg. I'd also been looking for a mirror for a while now but with my certain size and budget requirements, I kept coming up empty - until that day! And next to my dream mirror were some white shelves just like I had been wanting for the kids room - it was fate! Or nesting, you decide.

By time (poor?) Craig got home, he had to fight his way past a desk to get inside only to find there were duvets spread over the bed (so I could decide if I like them or not), a new mirror installed but white shelves partially installed, a small (practically tiny!) hole in the wall. But the wall issue was quickly resolve once he got the extra drill bits out (the one I had been using was now lost inside the wall :-) and fixed the shelf. The shelves might have been the biggest pain but they were put up just in time. Lucy had been using the top of the kid armoire for her "special things" but Jonah is tall enough to reach them. I came in from hanging the mirror to discover he had taken down her make-up box that holds chapstick and nail polish and opened the nail polish. The only thing he had gotten it on so far was his hands but it was close. Too close. Now they each have a spot for their things - a safe, mom and dad's reach only place.

Then we decided we liked the duvet and the next we took 10 minutes to carry the desk down the drive and with a "Free" sign on it, it was gone by the morning. All's well that ends well. And I feel much better now.

I wish I could say the good feeling and energy is still around but I also found out last week that my progesterone levels are low. I'm glad we know and can treat with progesterone shots but unfortunately, that shot took my a step backwards in the peppiness and happy stomach area. Hopefully that will be short lived. I'm really ready to return to the land of the living. 

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