Lucy's Art

I won't try to hide the fact that this is a total mommy brag post. But I just took a bunch of pictures of Lucy's recent art work to save for posterity's sake and I figured if you have, either in the past or currently, the same last name as me, you might enjoy seeming them too.

This was a story picture and the story that went with it was quite extensive. It involved a fox that had eaten a hen and then some pirates (she said she didn't know how to draw pirates so those are the two angular line people in the middle towards the top) who were following it's path looking for treasure, that I believed turned out to be cheese. The purple is Jonah's unwelcome contribution.There was also a castle but I'm not sure how it was involved. I actually couldn't quite follow the plot because she was telling it quickly and it was lengthy but I'm sure she could repeat it if you asked.

breezewayart 006

She does lots of what I call "Classic girl art" with rainbows and flowers and princesses. This one is mostly funny because it's her, as Princess Rapunzel with lots of hair (far left) a couple of other princesses (two on the right) and her real life friend "M", who she "didn't draw as pretty because she's just a girl in this picture, not a princess. So she's pretty, but not as pretty as me". I don't think we'll be sharing this particular picture with "M."

breezewayart 007

A scene from Phantom of the Opera. And judging by all the empty chairs at the bottom, not a very popular performance (or maybe just rehearsal?)

breezewayart 008

More flowers and hearts, plus a camel? and her "fancy letters" which are usually so fancy that I can not in fact, read them.

breezewayart 009

Some fairies. One of which is just learning the subtle art of lipstick.

breezewayart 010

The arch. Which we all know, she loves dearly

breezewayart 011

And to be fair I had to include one of Jonah's. He's more into modern art these days.

breezewayart 012

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