On to the Third!

Trimester, that is. Physically speaking, the glorious second trimester wasn't quite as glorious as I was hoping for but I've been slowly creeping down my dose of Zofran and am currently on day 2 of none at all. This isn't my first attempt to get it completely out of my system but I'm hoping this time it will be for good. Either way, I can say I should certainly be done with it in 13 weeks or so! I'm also counting down my blood tests and shots. The guys at quest now greet me as a familiar face but I should only have to see them 5 more times!

And there is other good stuff too. Baby is kicking a ton and both kids have felt it now. Jonah wanted to for a while but has zero patience so if the baby didn't kick within about 9.5 seconds of his putting his hand down, he gave up. But he was snuggled on my lap a few days ago and the baby kicked. His jaw dropped and he responded with a "Hey! Dat baby kicked me!" and then he laughed and laughed. Lucy loves to sit next to me and talk to the baby. It's a lot of fun being pregnant with preschoolers around.

Here's a 26 week belly shot

And a 26 week baby shot.

I'm not sure I should post those together, one is definitely cuter than the other. If you've been around this blog for a while, you might be surprised to see an ultrasound picture. We don't normally do ultrasounds and I've never had a late one but I had a few specific concerns so we changed things up. Everything checked out just fine and baby is even cuter than I imagined. 

Bonus: Baby toes!

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  1. That is an awesome ultrasound pic! I had one ultrasound each time but never the type where you could see the baby's features so clearly.

    And your belly shot is cute too. I know you probably don't feel like it but you are an adorable pregnant lady. :)