The Things They Say

Lucy and Jonah are looking at scrapbooks:
Lucy: This is mama's wedding. See, she's got a bride dress on.
Jonah: Oh, look. Daddy was at mama's wedding.
Lucy: Yes. I know. He was the person who married mama.
Jonah: But I want to marry mama
Lucy: You can't, she's already married!
Jonah: To who? 
Lucy: Daddy!

Lucy's song (luckily she was going in the afternoon)
Going to Costco in the morning is not fun. Going to Costco in the morning is NOT fun. Going to Costco in the afternoon IS fun because there are lots of samples. But not in the morning so its not fun.

I hear Jonah get up, say "it's morning, I'm going to play" and head to the living room to play.
Lucy (barging in): Mama! Do you know why I always wake up at the same time as Jonah? Because he WAKES me up. (climbs over me to get into my bed). I don't like it at all!
Me: I could see how that would be annoying. I don't think she quite caught the tone in which I said that.

Jonah: I'm ready to get out of the bath
Me: I have to wash you first
Jonah: No, I don't want that.
Me: Too bad, mommy's decision
Jonah: Then I will pee in the bathtub!

Lately Lucy's been interesting in being a grown-up and has taken to telling me all the things she will do when she gets old enough. Most of the time her tone is merely informative, not rebellious. Her list so far includes:
  • Getting a motorcycle.
  • Getting a convertible. 
  • Getting a tattoo of a princess and a unicorn in rainbow colors that covers her whole arm.
  • Washing her child's hair with water from a teapot and not water from a cup. (This one was said a bit rebelliously)
  • Wearing tennis shoes and not sandals with her church dress. 
  • Eating two slices of cinnamon toast in the morning before finishing her eggs.
At that last statement, said at our kitchen table a few days ago, Jonah had to pipe in with one of his own....eating TWO spoonfuls of cod liver oil a day. And yes, he really does love his clo that much but I still only let him have one spoonful a day. I think it's obvious that I'm a mean mom, don't you think?

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