Still not quite a denim jumper

Every once in a while I do something and then laugh at myself because its such a homeschooler thing to do. But I can't help it and truth be told, I don't really want to. Yesterday we received an amazon box, always a fun thing (except when its only cat litter, then its sad because we got our hopes up for nothing), and in it was the latest addition to our homeschooling nook (aka kitchen table) - a clear plastic tablecloth!

I'm still waiting for the creasing to go away and then I'll tape down the edges. They really wouldn't be a problem except in the first 5 minutes I was shown that that hanging edges are too tempting to a little boy practicing his scissors skills. Luckily I caught him when the damage was minimal. Lucy's now got 24/7 access to her handwriting guide and number line and she's used it several times just in one day.

 My side has this psalm printable because it's pretty. I'm still thinking of what other fun things I can add to the table. I'd like to add our current art print once I get around to actually ordering the prints (I wanted to try using just the computer screen but I can already tell we like having hard copies). Any other ideas? We have plenty of room left! And I'd like to find something special for Jonah's spot so he doesn't feel left out.

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