A Mother's Daybook - October 12th

This is pretty much gonna be the still here, still pregnant edition of my mother's daybook but I will try and keep it from being a list of complaints.

Reading - Nothing. Well, technically I started Far from the Madding Crowd last week after I'd finished all my other reads and my poor goodreads currently reading pile was starting at me, all empty and sad. It's probably a fourth of the way into it and its good so far but I just can not read right now. I'm way to antsy.

Feeling - Antsy. I've always had lots of "Braxton Hicks" or pre-real-labor contractions and this time is no exception but what is new is the weird anxious, not really nesting but more walking aimlessly around the house feeling I've got. Not a fan. I think a good deal of it is being stuck in the house just sitting around waiting for the baby. That's not really the best way to handle the 39th/40th week but everyone had been sick so it's really the only choice. Lucy was feeling better and Jonah wasn't quite sick yet (but I could tell it was coming) so on Saturday we took a short hike and just let him ride in the stroller. Getting out of the house felt really good. The kids and I had to skip church yesterday because by then he was feverish and really sick but I was busy tending to his needs and distracted so that wasn't bad either (emotionally at least, having him repeated cough or sneeze on me wasn't the best). His fever broke last night and we all finally got some sleep but we're not quite up to getting out of the house so we canceled our pumpkin picking plans and its another sit around and wait day. Boo.

I'm also feeling annoyed. And annoyed by my annoyance. I do fine during the day but by the evening I'm so tired and antsy and contracting a fair amount (yes, every night I have contractions!) and can't really stand to be around anyone. Craig is great about handling most of the stuff from dinner to bedtime and I can normally come out of hibernating in my room to read them bedtime stories and tuck them in but anything more than that it too much. I can't stand the noise, I can't stand the touching and pushing on me. And I hate it. I really want to enjoy these last few evenings with my two bigger ones and use this time wisely but I can't. I do have nice mornings with them though and am trying to soak that all up.

Watching - Apparently I'm too antsy to even watch k-dramas right now so I've been alternating between  two other more "reality" type shows. The first is The Great British Baking Show which is now on Netflix. (H/T to Karen, thanks for the recommendation!) Although I am annoyed that they call it season one when its not and have changed the original British name of The Great British Bake-Off. Are we Americans too stupid to understand what that means? Why change the name? I've only got a few episodes of season one left on Netflix but I think I can watch season two on pbs.com. I'm really enjoying it. It's fast paced and fun and I love watching them cook all sorts of things I've never heard of. It does tend to make one hungry though.

The other show is Fixer Upper. I used to love HGTV back in high school but we don't have cable now and even when we can watch, like when I visit my dad, most of the shows are overly dramatic and have such ridiculous budgets that it has lost its appeal. But I'm really liking this one. I love fixer uppers to start with and seeing the potential in older homes. The married couple that stars in it is really cute and I appreciate seeing them work with budgets of $100,000 and $150,000 for a family of 4-5 with realistic expectations and doing really awesome stuff with that. Much more impressive than seeing someone take $500,000 and make a nice home for a retired couple. And it doesn't make me hungry - but being Waco based, it does kinda make me miss Texas. Can't have everything I guess.

Eating/Drinking - All the elderberries! Chugging down this elderberry syrup to hopefully ward off or lessen the effects of the cold the kids have been trying their best to share with me. I had a bit of tickle in my throat yesterday and I'm slightly snuffly today but nothing too bad - so far. Lucy's version was very mild, I kept her home to save others but she was full of energy and playing, just whinier than usual so if I do get sick, I hope I get sick like she did. Jonah got hit much harder and as much as it pains me to say it, I'd like baby to hold on at least another day or two so we can have a bit more separation between fevers and birth giving.

Enjoying - The kids pretend play. I'm not sure if its coincidental or because I've been less active in playing with them but they are playing some really fun involved pretend games together. They have their fair share of arguments but overall, it goes well (thanks mostly to Jonah's willingness to go with the flow). I just love watching them play the same game for hours over a day and then picking it up again the next day or talking to each other at meal or bed times about what they should do later and how they will change it.

Also, coloring. I printed some free adult coloring sheets I found on pinterest for the kids and I. They don't normally do much color book type coloring (as opposed to drawing, which they do a lot) except for when Jonah colors while Lucy is in her dance class every Wednesday but we all had fun. Lucy really enjoyed the challenge of the more intricate designs and both kids worked on it over multiple days for quite a while at a time. I thought it was quite relaxing as well so I think its something we'll try again.

Planning and Preparing - To not be pregnant! Okay, there isn't much preparing left to be done but I do plan on at some point in the near future being done with this pregnancy. I'm hoping I can tell you all about it in the next post!

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