The Things They Say

Jonah, playing with his playdough creature and having it pretend to eat me....I'm a poisonous snake. I'm going to poisonous you!

Jonah: Can I have a tortilla chip?
Me: One for now, you can have more with dinner in a few minutes
Jonah: That's not enough
Me: You get what you get.
Jonah: How 'bout 5?
Me: silence
Jonah: How 'bout 2?
Me: silence
Jonah: Okay. (Breaks it in half). Now I have two!

When Classics meet K-dramas:
Jonah: Would you read to me?
Lucy: Okay, I'll read you this one (St. George and the Dragon - and by read she means look at the pictures and tell the story). Once upon a time, there was a brave knight named St. George and he was traveling with the beautiful princess Noona. (Name of the Princess should be Una. Noona is the name for big sister in Korean :-)

Lucy: Look at another way I can make a 1! I can push all my other fingers down and leave just the middle one up and that's 1! (We've been working on ordinal numbers and she really likes the middle finger now that she realized its the third from the left AND the third from the right! I just can't bring myself to burst her little middle finger loving self with any news of its impoliteness)

Craig: Look Jonah, you got a birthday card in the mail.
Jonah: Oh, thank you daddy!
Craig: Well, it's from great-grandma, I just brought it up from the mailbox
Jonah: Oh, thank you daddy for bringing it up from the mailbox for me!

Lucy has recently started American Heritage Girls and on those nights she doesn't come home until after Jonah's asleep (or supposed to be). It didn't take long to realize that her being in the bunk above him was a big stabilizing factor in terms of keeping him in bed until he falls asleep.

Me: Okay, you're all nice and tucked. Now go to sleep
5 minutes later Jonah walks into my room. He doesn't say anything, just stands there looking at me.
Me: Why are you out of bed?
Jonah: Well...I needed you to tuck me in again because I got out of bed.

It is no secret to those that knew my mother that I am definitely her daughter, in many ways. But even so, I still get caught off guard with certain situations that seem eerily familiar. A few days ago I had a rough night (as in, lots of contractions that did not end with the birth of a baby) so I slept in a bit and instead of making a nice heart breakfast of eggs or oatmeal or pumpkin pancakes like I had every other day that week, the kids got frozen waffles from Trader Joes. Their response:
Jonah: Thank you for this breakfast mommy. I really like it.
Lucy: Yes, this is a wonderful breakfast. So delicious! 
At least no one has asked for sugary cereal for a Christmas present - yet. But that's only because they probably haven't though of it.

Lucy only has a few words she still consistently mispeaks or words she misuses and I'm missing them as they go away. Two that remain are

livering room = living room
orders = directions (east, west, etc) She'll ask me "what order are we driving now? North?"

Jonah's got more but my favorite is bowl-a-bar for granola bar.

Me: Okay guys, it's tea time!
Lucy: Yay! Tea time!
Jonah: I want tea that's milk and chocolate
Lucy: Uhm, Jonah, I think that's really hot cocoa, not tea.
Jonah: No, it's tea. Tea that's milk and chocolate!

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