Norah Jane @ 2 Months!

Dear Norah,

Two months. Time flies. I know I'll say that every month but every month it is true. This has been a fun month. Smiles! Coos! Head control!

One of my favorite Jonah quotes: "I really love dat baby. I think we should keep it for a long long time."

You are still a very content baby. You've settled into a pretty nice little routine and you're "witching hour" is very mild compared to your brother and sisters so we get to enjoy you almost all day. And Lucy and Jonah do enjoy your company.

They love holding you and showing you things and Jonah would hug and kiss you all day if I'd let him. Yesterday at church he was sitting on my lap and daddy was holding you and he reached over to hold your leg and kept patting it the whole prayer time.

That shirt is a lie :-)

You love to sleep and do so a lot. You're a great napper although if we mess you up with short car rides you do tend to get annoyed. You want real naps thank you very much. You prefer to be in bed but you'll also take them in a swing, on the floor, in a stroller or in a sling. Yesterday you even fell asleep sitting up in my lap while skying with your grandparents. I'm cautiously optimistic that will continue. I have yet to have a picture of your siblings asleep in a high chair or anywhere funny but maybe you?

A stroller nap

You're not a very loud baby most of the time. You have started to coo a bit but you rarely cry. Night time car rides and my changing your diaper while you have rash (like you do right now) are about the only times. If you don't like where you are or want attention you'll make an angry squawk sound but the anger is longer as a facial expression than a sound.

 You are also slow to smile. You are normally very happy first thing in the morning and right before bed and I can coax some big grins out of you but the rest of the time you just sit back and take it all in with a poker face. Much more like Jonah than Lucy, you remind me of Marilla Cuthbert when she says "But I'd rather walk calmly along and do without flying AND thud."

There's a little smile. 

You do want to take it all in though. You love lying on your lamb fleece near Lucy and Jonah while they play.

Supervising some Christmas baking

You also like tummy time as long as you are propped on my legs so you can actually see what they are doing. You still like your favorite position lying down over an arm but now that you are getting some head control, you're starting to prefer sitting up in my lap. Basically, you just want to see what is happening around you.

Getting ready to go outside. This is one my favorite pictures of you. 

You found your fist and like to suck on it but still have no use for a pacifier. And you obviously like to nurse. You have your 2 month check up a few days ago and were 12 lbs 5 oz and 23 inches long. I'm still squeezing you into your yellow prefolds because I need to prewash the reds but you are about burst out of them any day now. And you wear a mix of 0-3 and 3-6 clothes. I love all your rolls but I think your chipmunk cheeks are my favorite. I just can't stop from kissing them and I'm so glad that gentle squeezing them is one of the most fail proof ways to make you smile.

A delicate flower :-)

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