Silly third time mom

Despite using cloth diapers and not having cable, I really enjoy those Luvs commercials about one first time/second time moms. They just make me laugh. And there is some truth to them because motherhood is a muscle (another h/t to Karen. Her links this week were great). But no matter how long you've been a mom, sometimes you do things you realize may seem silly, all for cuteness sake.

We have a gingerbread-house-decorating play date this morning which means I have to get everyone dressed and out of the house by 9:15. So what do I do after I get the baby dressed in a cute outfit? Realize that if she's going to tag along for gingerbread house decorating, she needs to be wearing her gingerbread girl outfit of course! So I take off a clean cute outfit and put on another just for festivity's sake.

I think we'll still be on time, but if not, it will still be worth it.

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  1. What a cutie! I admire you for getting out for gingerbread house decorating with kids. That takes guts. ;)

    Here's a 6 Time Mom Story for you:

    Saturday two of our daughters had two performances of The Nutcracker. After the first we took the ballerinas to eat and then my husband took the other two girls plus the toddler boy home. This left me with just the baby to watch Show #2. I give my ticket (with minutes to spare), sit down, get pinned in by other people and realize that the baby has just filled his diaper.

    Which wouldn't be a problem except my oldest daughter was carrying the diaper bag and she took it home with her.

    I was going to tough it out (maybe...) but then an announcement came over the intercom that a dome light was on in the parking lot and yes, it was my van. So a friend held the baby, I climbed over a row of people, turned off the dome light, grabbed one of the extra diapers I leave in the van (Wrong size, but who cares at that point), went back in and changed the baby in the back of the theater because there was no changing table in the ancient & tiny ladies' restroom.

    There is no moral to this story, but one good thing about having 6 kids is that it was an immediately funny story instead of feeling like a disaster. ;)