They things they say

Me: Don't put your trains on Norah's head. She doesn't like it.
Jonah: But Norah Jane rhymes with train!
Me: That is true. But you still can't run them on her head.

Watching the Olympics gets more fun as the kids get older...

Lucy: Who is this?
Craig: USA vs. Canada.
Lucy: Oh, so do we hate the Canadas?

Lucy: If there is no USA in a race,  I vote for England because they are the closest to us from in the past, you know, back then we were like them before we fought them.

Jonah: Yay! He knocked down the stick.
Me: Well, in this jump they are trying to NOT knock down the stick.
Jonah: Oh, he's not gonna win then.

Lucy: Are you sure they are running? I think the camera is just moving.
Me: I'm pretty sure they are running fast.
Lucy: Hmm, I'm not so sure.

Jonah, playing trains and peg dolls. Screech! Screech! Ahh!
Me: Can you be a bit quieter? Norah's sleeping and even if she wasn't, that screeching noise isn't very pleasant to my ears.
Jonah: Okay. 
Jonah, as a peg doll: Oh, you like your daddy better than your mommy? Me too!

Hmm, passive-aggressive doll play. How lovely! At least it isn't a  tantrum.

Lucy has been requesting a lot of Scottish folk songs lately, mostly Peter Hollen's Loch Lomond but sometimes The Parting Glass (or maybe that's actually Irish? Don't tell her if it is) and the Brave soundtrack. So when I spotted Celtic Woman at the library I was pretty sure she'd like it. At first she was skeptical because I told her they were Irish and "Well, that's not exactly the same as Scottish mom and I really like Scottish songs the best" but I told her to give it a chance. I turn it on and look back at her and her eyes are wide open before she asked "Can we buy this so we can have it and listen to it all the time and never have to give it back! Like a hundred times!" The cd I got came with a dvd show as well so I thought I'd save that for a "We finished exam week!" treat.

We've all been enjoying Peter Hollen's work, mostly just listening on spotify but during our weekly tea time I'll let them watch some on youtube as well. Jonah's tastes are not quite as refined; his favorite song is Still Alive. I do find it ironic that my screen limited child's favorite request is a youtube star's cover of a video game theme song. He doesn't even know what a video game is! But cake throwing is always fun and the song is quite catchy.

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