A big (little) change

We're dealing with a big change around here. Not a big BIG change in the "we're moving" or "we're having a baby" sense, but a big mom change. Like the seasonal clothes switch. Oh, so glad that's done. But this change is the 2 naps to 1 nap change. I actually thought it was a bit early but if she takes two naps, she won't go to bed before 9 - sorry kid but that doesn't work for me and my own 9:30-10pm bedtime. So we did it.

I'm actually not well verses in these nap changes. Or at least I don't remember it being a big "THING" like it is this time. Lucy was a wildly inconsistent napper. She would nap anywhere and everywhere as long as I was holding or wearing her. This was great in some ways because I was on the go a lot, visiting my mom, and needed that flexibility. Jonah was a little better at first but as he got older, he had nap issues that we later discovered were probably related to his tongue tie. So he wasn't a great napper either. But Norah likes her naps and takes them in her bed, all by herself. I realize that this is a common thing for some families but its a new thing for me and a year later, I'm still really happy about it! But it does mean I get nervous about changing it up. Or maybe its just that the rest of my time is a little more schedule, a change effects me more, that probably contributes too. But either way, this time, it is definitely a THING.

 It certainly makes school time more, uhm, lively. The first day was rough. I tried to stick with our regular schedule and was frustrated when it not-so-shockingly didn't work. But we're figuring it out. I actually love having her sit in with our singing time because she dances along and it makes any reluctant singers (cough Jonah cough cough) a bit more enthusiastic. And she loves poems as long as she can see the pictures. I didn't realize she cared but one day she kept screeching and I realized I had move the book out of her view. I put it back and happy baby again. So baby at table time is a win. And I'm sure its good for me to be more flexible. We get done what we can in the mornings and leave the rest, mostly math and french, for naptime.

I do need to stock up on yogurt melts though. If I try to tempt her to be quiet with regular snacks, she just laughs and throws them on the floor. Same with her new high chair toys. But yogurt snacks are a rare treat and I can get through a whole reading relying on those. I feel like I'm feeding my kid hamster food but that doesn't bother me so much. Of course, I'd prefer it if she'd go and play like she does the rest of the day when the big kids are playing as well. But if they are at the table, she must be at the table.

And we did manage to get done a full week of school so today we even went out in the morning for nature time. That's the big test. But we drove home without her falling asleep so I was able to put the big kids down for their naps at the same time as her and now I've got at least an hour all to myself. This part I could get used to. For the last 4-5 months their naps haven't overlapped at all and that was a bit sad. And naptime means blogging time!

Of course, my brain is out of the habit on blogging so all I could think of to blog about was napping! And I'm sure you are all thinking, but this is riveting! You are at the edge of your seat wondering what I'll talk about next - bathing my kids?! Sorry, I rarely do that. You'll just have to wait and find out.

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