I think this year falls on the trick side.

This is the first year in the last few that I felt like I really had a handle on Halloween and costumes. I mean, last year I had a newborn so Lucy got a store bough Elsa costume that she still loves and wears and I actually made Jonah a cat hat and tail like he begged for but then he ended up wearing regular clothes and a Olaf winter hat and that's it. He barely even qualified as costumed but he got candy anyway. But this year, they made their decisions back in September and I got them all done with a few days to spare. I mean, 4 homemade costumes! Just call me supermom...

and then one by one they all got sick. Fevers everywhere. Whoomp Whoomp. But I still managed to get some pictures and they rallied for a early and short trick or treating session. Jonah was a pumpkin.

Norah was a house elf

I had to keep her ears pushed back a bit because if she saw them, the hat come off even quicker than it otherwise did. 

 I was Hermoine. And yes, I did get my scarf knitted in time! But I'm basically just Norah's prop. Which is as it should be.

Lucy was Pocahontas*. She was the sickest and had to miss both the Saturday festival we had planned on attending and the backup festival at a church the next but Jonah was able to go to that one and he nicely shared his candy. Luckily she was feeling much better by tonight.

*And because this is the internet, I feel the need to add a cultural appropriation statement.   I am aware of the concept, no need to inform me. Yes, Lucy choose to be Pocahontas and yes, I allowed it. She's not dressing as "a culture", she's dressing as a person, a historical person she is very much interested in and has been studying. That person happens to be a different race and different culture than her and I'm not only okay with that, I'm glad she's relating to young girls of all types. What kind of message would I be sending if I allowed her to dress up and pretend to be Laura Ingalls and Elsa but not Pocahontas? Anyway, my kid, my decision. If you feel differently, have your own kid. Okay, then. 

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