2017 Book Goals: Help Needed

I was just looking at my 2016 book goals  and while the year isn't over, it looks like I'm going to end up doing pretty well. I've really enjoyed making goals these past two years and I think its a habit that will have to continue. I'm not quite ready to share it yet but I do need your help with a few things!

Dickens: I've read one dickens novel each of the last two years. 2015 was A Tale of Two Cities which was okay. Last years was Bleak House which I enjoyed much more. But what to read next? Great Expectations? David Copperfield? Or should I try one of his lesser read works? I don't know.

A Russian Novel: Would you believe I've yet to read a classic Russian novel? Probably :-) But I want to change that.  I'm leaning toward Anna Karenina but could easily be persuaded to read The Brother Karamazov (especially since I just saw Cindy Rollin's gave it a good review) or really any other. I normally do one or two really tough novels a year and I'm willing for this to be one so it can be a doozy. In fact, I'm pretty sure it will be. But I'm pushing myself here!

I also am in need of some lighter reads. So far my list is pretty dense and I need some non-twaddley filler books. Sadly, I've on the last Jasper Fforde book our library has and I just finished the Lord Peter series. I might re-read the Chronicles of Narnia which would be an easier read but got any fun mysteries? Or maybe something clever. I like witty books, whether that is word play or revised fairy tales, all that sort of thing. Or a good Austen-esq novel.

Okay guys, help me out!


Okay, this is sad. My blog isn't giving me a hard time about commenting! I mean, it's MY blog! So I'll just add here:

I'm glad to see such positive feedback about Anna Karenina!

Can I admit that I didn't really like the Wendell Berry book I read (Jayber Crow)? I feel like the world of readers will turn on me if I do. But I still have Hannah Coulter on my tbr-someday pile because it might have just been my mood at the time.

And Vinegar Girl was already on my list plus possible Peace Like a River but I'm always glad for confirmation of a good book. I'm reading my first Goudge right now (The Little White Horse) and I have a feeling I'll be on the lookout for more.

Good call on Oliver Twist. I'm starting to see the need for pre-reading and I really should try to get ahead while I can or I'm gonna be swamped 2-3 years from now!


  1. I have started the Hogarth Shakespeare series. Vinegar Girl (based on Taming of the Shrew) is light! Gap In Time (A Winter's Tale) is delightful.

  2. Non-twaddly easyish books: Goudge, Peace Like a River, Wendell Berry.

    If you want something shorter and Russian, I read The Death of Ivan Ilyich this year and it's thoughtful and probably a good introduction to a longer, heavier Russian novel. But if you want a full-length selection, Anna Karenina is heavy but not at all a slog. I would think it's not as hard a read as Brothers K or War and Peace (neither of which I have read).

    And Oliver Twist is on the Year 5 reading list if you want to use your Dickens slot to pre-read! :)

  3. I'm prereading Oliver Twist next year.

    I have Brothers K on audiobook, so I'm going to try that.

    I'm planning on reading at least one Berry next year. I'm leaning towards Hannah Coulter if my library has it.

  4. I read Anna Karenina this year and it was a surprisingly easy read. I read it on my phone so I was able to take it in small bits while nursing, etc. which helped me get through it. Sooo long though!!