The Things they Says

Jonah is not an easy kid to parent. But man, he can be cute. More than once this week I've found myself thinking, "Everyone should have a little boy in there life."

Playing in the tub, he turned the toy tea pot into a "sea diver machine" and filled it with those foam letters. I hear him..."Oh no, the tea pot is too full, the "M" won't fit. Hurry "H" and "L" let's go rescue the tea cup to hold the "M before she drowns!"

Our local Christmas radio station plays a truly awful selection of Christmas music. If it isn't The Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping, it's "All I Want for Christmas is You." The kids were asking me Craig what it was about when Jonah offered up his explanation. "It's God singing and he's talking to us". Seriously, could he get any cuter?!

On Monday afternoons, we drop Lucy off at art class and have an hour and a half to run errands. Norah's with us but its mostly my time to catch up with Jonah and really talk to him and focus on him. Last week we only needed a few things from Aldi so I asked him what he wanted to do with the rest of our time. He asked to visit the bookstore. That alone would have  made me happy but he was so cute inside. "Wild Things! That's my favorite book. No pictures! That's my other favorite. Oh, boo-boo butt, so funny, hahaha .Frog! It's Toad's friend Frog! That's Lucy's favorite!" Then of course, we went to look at the toys (he loves books but he's still a kid ;-) and he saw "Pat the Bunny! It's the bunny!" He and Lucy just finished listening to Raggedy Ann at naptime but I didn't know if he would recognize her so I showed him a Raggedy Ann doll and told him who it was. "Raggedy Ann? With her shoe button eyes?!" Seriously, I could have just eaten him up he was so sweet.

I've heard it say that one can find a Godfather quote to fit almost any situation. Jonah hasn't seen the Godfather but he's spent the day doing the one source quote thing with Beatrix Potter, specifically her Roly Poly Pudding book.

Me: What do you want on your toast?
Jonah: Make it properly, with breadcrumbs...and butter and cinnamon. 

Me: Jonah, what are you doing?
Jonah: I've been discovered and interrupted!

And I think this is the first time Norah's been included in this category! She doesn't say a whole lot but Craig and I both thought we had heard a version of "kit-tee" before but not consistently. But on our trip, we were at a house with a little dog and she must have thought it looked familiar because she chased it all around saying "kitty kitty kitty." Close enough baby girl!

The kids and I have not quite intentially, taught Norah to say "Mmm" when she eats. But sometimes she tries something and has this unsure look on her face but if we say "Mmm, yum" and smile at her, she'll normally trust us and keep eating. Now, whenever I go into the kitchen to prep for a meal, she comes up by my feet and starts saying "Mmm? Mmm?"

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