5ths strikes again!

Update: this was written Sunday morning. It's now Tuesday morning an I've only gotten worse. But the girls were each bad for three days then bounced back so I've gotten be almost there. But it's a "you can watch as much TV as you want and pick your own snacks' kinda day for the kids. I think they wish I was this sick more often.

Listening to - Nothing. 

It's quiet. Which is great. And awful. Great because what mom doesn't appreciate a nice dose of quiet time. Awful because its only quiet because Craig has taken all the kids to church without me. Yes friends, I am sick. Last week Norah was sick, mostly clingy and feverish. Then, a few days after her fever passes, she got a rash on her face. Then Lucy got a fever. I didn't put it together until I mentioned her rash and said "Doesn't it look like someone slapped Norah on the face?" and then my brain instantly remember that meant something. Ah yes, Fifths disease. Lucy's fever is gone now too so they are no longer contagious but she was down and feeling pretty miserable for a full 3 days. No rash yet but I would not be surprised to see one later today or tomorrow. Of course, during all this I've been watching Jonah like crazy, asking him if he feels okay, taking his temperature 3x  day and he's been fine. But last night suddenly I starting thinking maybe I wasn't. I was kinda going off the assumption I had it as a kid, especially since I know I was exposed as a teen and didn't get it. But the flu like symptoms and muscle and joint pains of today are telling a different story. So maybe I didn't have it before or maybe this is another virus that's similar. Either way, mama don't feel so good today. I'm thinking we'll be pushing off school a bit longer.

Enjoying - The playing. 

Now it's funny because I had originally hoped to take off until mid-January but the kids were just squabbling so much and I needed our routine so I bumped up our Year 2 start date. I thought Lucy might mind but she was excited when I told her "Why wait Mom? I love school! Can we start today?" (Uhm, no, I love your enthusiasm but I got to get things ready child).

But since our break, we've had some great times. Snuggles on the couch, reading books and watching Tudor Monstary Farm, Jonah playing Legos, Lucy lying down in bed listening to audiobooks. All the nice things I wanted for the early part of the month. Go figure! I think it has something to do with forced separation between L and J. They can't fight if they aren't together, then when I allowed them to play together again, it felt like a treat. Hurray!

 Documenting - The Back to Schooling

So it was a short back to school session of two days. But we didn't know that at the time!

Lucy was excited about her new stack of books. Especially her math workbook. It's the same MEP math she used last year (just the next level) but I went ahead and bought the workbook from them for ~$7 (including S&H!), instead of printing it this year and she thinks that's the best thing ever. She's also quite interested in The Wind in the Willows and Heidi (based on the pictures she saw as she flipped through). I don't think they will disappoint her.

Jonah was quite proud of his stack too. We'll be reading just a page or two of his each day so they feel more like real school books. And it will give us lots of time to look at Richard Scarry's fun illustrations. 

My stack! Most of my books are on my kindle so its short but I've written out a couple schedules and I'm ready to start reading all the books right now! I am really trying to pace myself though. I've learned that the only way to really slow my reading down is to have lots of books. I've gone from reading 1-2 books at a time six years ago to 4-5 the past few years but right now I think I have about 10 going on concurrently. We'll see if it helps me savor and ponder ideas or just drives me crazy. I'll let you know. 

Okay friends, that Ibuprofen seemed to have bought me 30 minutes of sitting up time but my body and my brain are done. Until next time, I hope you have better luck with illnesses than we have lately!

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