8 months!

Dear Jude,

This month just speed by but you keeping growing no matter how much this mama wishes you'd slow down.

You started crawling this month and now seem determined to try to walk. You pull up quiet well and keep trying to let go and stand on your own but honestly, that's not going quite as well and just ends in a lot of bumps and bonks on head. Good thing you're resilient!

You're really enjoying the nicer weather. You got to experience the sandbox for the first time and despite the expression on your face above, did have fun playing in it. But mostly you just like to sit in the grass and watch all the big kids play.

You really love the playground swing! 

You also love solids and eat a ton! But despite eating three solid meals a day, you are taking after your brother and not gaining weight well. The doctor and I are keeping an eye on it but I want you to stay nice and chunky. 

You also love people! You continue to be my most extroverted baby. You loved being at the conference and were just happy to people watch must of the time. Everyone commented on how smiley you are. I joke that you'll be the kid I have to join the co-op for :-) You're pretty independent too. The conference had a wide open space and I enjoyed watching you crawl around and seeing just how far you'd venture off before coming back to me. It was quite a bit farther than I thought! You'd turn around and make sure I was still there, watching you, but then you'd be off again - crawling over to the other babies or just exploring the area, not even caring if there were lots of big people walking around you. You had a "Don't mind me, I'm just exploring!" attitude that made me laugh.

But I do have to mind you! You're such a little stinker. Somehow you got ahold of a chocolate kiss during the conference too. I noticed you being unusually quite, I watched for a few seconds then saw some brown drool start to flow out and then I pulled the aluminum out. You spotted another one a few minutes later and got so excited but one piece of chocolate was enough! We've had a few more dog food episodes although you normally prefer to play in her water so now both food and water bowls are kept contained in her crate. Luckily I have three other people keeping their eye on you during the day or who knows what trouble you'd get into. Even Norah will gentle tell you "No, no Jude, that's not for babies" and then come runnning to me. Unless what you're getting into is her stuff then she may be a little less gentle about it. But again, you're resiliant. 

But of all the people in the world, you still love your family best.  You were so happy to come home to them and love nothing more than when they sing or play clapping games with you. You give (very slobbery) kisses. Oh, the drool! You go through several bibs a day but even if it means I need a towel afterward, I'll still take a kiss from you anytime - but I do have to be careful because those kissing turn into bites very quickly. You have three teeth now, all on the bottom, and I keep thinking those top two teeth will pop through any day now. Maybe then my shoulder will no longer be peppered with tiny baby teeth shaped bruises. 

But bites and drool and mid-night wakings are nothing compared to what you bring our family. We're so blessed to have you in our life little guy!

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