Now I'm just being corny.

I feel like I haven't really written anything here in a long time. The last two weeks I have been dealing with the two biggest (and opposite) problems for me as a blogger. The first week, I didn't do anything interesting so I had nothing to write about, then last week I did too much and not having any time to write about what it was that I did.This week is really busy too but it is the last full week of Craig's class this semester so things should start dying down (for me) soon although Craig will be scarce until the 8th.

But I did get my crochet project done. So for the two of you who aren't sick of pictures of veggies, here's the corn on the cob.
And all of it together in the cornucopia. It ended up being a good thing I didn't do the pumpkin because those veggies were really stuffed in there as it was.
I actually finished then Saturday afternoon, just in time for it to be used as a centerpiece for our dinner with guests. I think I have discovered my favorite part of entertaining...when they all go home. It isn't that I didn't enjoy having them over, it was a lot of fun, despite the fact that I didn't really know them beforehand. It's just that when they left it was so quiet and calm and well, clean. The only time the whole place is normally clean at one time is when we have people over. It's so nice to be able to sit and read or watch tv and know that there isn't anything you should be doing. And since it is Sunday night and technically there are a few more hours in my weekend, that is what I am going to go do right now.

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  1. That came out so cute! Nicely done (and I like the puns too :))