Which Exercise Product is Lamer?

This one?

Or this one?


  1. The first, I think most of one's neck droopiness is due to skin saggage not a lack of muscle, so I'm not sure what good "working out" your neck will do. At least the second one will actually use your arm muscles although I think a less stupid and expensive method would just be normal weight lifting with your arms.

  2. The second one is troubling for a couple of reasons. First, what is the deal with women wanting toned arms all of a sudden? And don't tell me it's Michelle--if anything, Madonna started it. And it's weird.

    Second, every time I saw one of those women hold that thing out in front of themselves, all I could picture was me holding one and immediately accidentally pummeling myself in the face with it.

  3. Definitely the second one. That's more of a hoax. It's the same thing as buying a weight an jiggling it yourself. If you notice at the very end the woman that's doing sample exercises is doing the same routines as you would with using only free weights.

  4. Rachel - Is women wanting toned arm new? I mean, who wants grandma arms? That might just be wishful thinking on my part though, I've always felt like I had madonna arms and I'm just trying to turn it into something positive.

    Another kinda off topic point, do any of y'all remember doing the grandma arms cheer/yell at fish camp...maybe that was just my dg.

  5. But the second one uses "dynamic inertia" Those are physics words, thus meaning it has to work! I've never seen that shake workout before, that's pretty amusing, thanks for bringing it into my life!