Austen Anecdotes

1. How is it that I haven't heard of this until now!?! 4 hours of Emma, could I be more excited!

Of course, I can't seem to find reliable non-uk release date information and am always a bit wary that they will botch it up and make another "Mansfield Park" but I'm ignoring that part of my brain right now.

2. I just finished this book. I thought it was
delightful - which is code for I stayed up way to late reading til the end but I just couldn't not finish it. I'm even willing to go to the neighboring city to pick up her other book .It's not an Austen continuation/other viewpoint novel or whatever those are called, but if you like Jane Austen's writing, I'd guess you will probably like Indiscretion too.

3. I watched Becoming Jane at work last week. It was my second time seeing it and I dislike it more than I remember. But the cover looks so nice, sad day :-(


  1. I didn't know about that movie either - can't wait to find it myself! I am also glad you recommended the book. I've never read any continuation novels, so I'd like to see how they are. I agree about Becoming Jane. *sigh*

  2. Becoming Jane was so bad we turned it off after about 45 minutes. So boring. So derivative. So trite. (Also, right there at the beginning, I did NOT need to see Jane Austen's fake dad doing THAT to Jane Austen's fake mom.)

    Which Mansfield Park are you talking about? Is there more than one? I tried to watch a movie version and, come to think of it, I also turned it off part-way through.

  3. There are two that I know of. I was originally thinking about the 1999 one but now that I've taken a moment to ponder it, the BBC one was worse. Yuck.