Goodbye little fishy

Goodbye my little fishy. You were a nice fish. I picked you out of all the others at that wedding because you were the prettiest which is shallow, I agree, but in the end you had a nice personality too, for a fish. You liked your castle. You liked to eat. That is why we named you hungry Howie. You only lasted a year but I hope it was a nice year. That is quite a bit longer than we thought you would considering Zeeba liked to watch you swim, a lot. Eventually she gave up trying to catch you and just enjoyed your entertaining spirit. We all did. I promise I will get around to flushing you tonight, I just didn't have the time peace of mind to do so last night. Goodbye my little fishy.


  1. Sad. My fish from your wedding is still alive, can you even believe it?! He's made it through two big moves and still going strong!

  2. There are not enough fingers and toes for me to count how many fish I accidently killed or that have died on me.

    Poor fishy. RIP.

  3. Angela - That is amazing, even for a vet.