Grandma Comes to Town

Craig's mom came to visit last weekend. Lucy was so excited and she got some much needed extra attention. 

Tea party time! 
And yes,we are hoosiers with our tv on a random side table. Craig brought it up to watch the Cardinals play  lose and it will stay until the election. 

We had a pretty low key weekend but we did head over to the Apple Butter Festival for a little while. It was cold and really busy but we had fun walking around. Lucy even got to stir the historical apple butter in the big  black crock. (We got a really cute picture but my MIL's camera's card isn't compatible with our computer so I can't share it yet). We also saw this mascot dog that ended up being from our vet. Lucy got all excited when she saw but I was sure would get nervous when he started to walk towards us. Nope, she ran up and gave him a big hug. Where did my shy baby go? I'm so proud of how social she is becoming.

Lucy did occasionally let Grandma take a break and hold Jonah. 

On Monday night, they went to storytime and she got to do a bit of trick-or-treating around the library. 

That's all we are doing for halloween so I threw together her "farmer" costume with some stuff we already had.
 Enjoying one of the three pieces of candy we let her have.

 (Sidenote: I wasn't being a scrooge mom but the library did not consider choking hazards and the average storytime goers age when they selected their candy. Skittles! Really? She eats nuts on a regular basis and I already documented her first experience with popcorn but I didn't think she could handle skittles. It's entirely coincidental that I happen to like skittles, I promise. I would much rather have taken my candy tax in chocolate.)

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