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Overall, I loved making this doll. While researching my green baby purchase I stumbled upon several blogs and forums recommending making over buying but at the time it didn't appeal to me at all, I just couldn't image even trying. But this really wasn't difficult at all and only took me a little over a week of working on it in the evenings while Craig worked and the kids slept. It did mean I had to move to american tv since I couldn't work and read subtitles but that's a smalls sacrifice. And Lucy loved waking up each morning to see the progress. 

I used this weir doll kit and I did go ahead and purchase a pre-made head. I think it was a great choice, it made the whole doll making experience a lot less stressful. And despite the images on the website seeming a little old fashioned,  there is so much flexibility that your doesn't have to look like that. I spent a lot of time browsing waldorf dolls online to find what I wanted, probably more time that I spent making her. But it allowed me to customize what type of smile, eyes, what type of hair yarn, what style of hair. 

I was planning on making her blond but Lucy really wanted her to to have brown hair like "green baby" did so I relented. 

I gave her a slight smile to make green baby. 

I didn't give her a nose even though they are very cute because I've heard they were out very quickly and green baby's face is a totally different color than it was (you can lift up the hat a bit you can see the difference) and I'm hoping this one gets as much use. 

I was very particular about eye size and spacing. I couldn't figure out why I was turned off from several ones I saw by wide big eyes. They looked creepy to me. That's just personal preference but I didn't know until I saw a lot.

I went ahead and did a crocheted wig cap. Reading about the different options it seemed like this would be a pain and right now Lucy isn't into styling hair but I would have been frustrated with myself if I didn't do it so I bit the bullet. BUT this was really quick and easy in the end so don't skip this step to save time, it's not hard and makes a big difference. I wish I had made it a bit bigger so it went farther down on the neck but that's just something to remember for the next doll. And yes, I want to make another one some day!

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