Not naked

And now, not naked!
fairypusswillow 016
I think Lucy likes her.
fairypusswillow 015
For the record, the new doll's name is wait for it - Fairy Pussy Willow. Fairy Pussy Willow is the name of a fairy that I tell Lucy stories about. Most of the stories involve her helping a child not to be naughty: reminding a child to be quiet at church, or helping distract a child who is trying not to eat a cookie before dinnertime or calming a child that is upset because her baby brother keeps touching her things.
fairypusswillow 008
Had I know that I would have be telling these stories so much or that a doll would be named after her, I would have picked a better name in the middle of that hike instead of just thinking up the first thing I could. But Fairy Pussy Willow she is - except when Lucy is playing with her in the bed tent (bed with a play silk over it). 
fairypusswillow 007
 In the tent, green baby becomes May and Fairy Pussy Willow becomes Ruby and I become confused. But I had better figure it out because Lucy gets very upset if I call her by the wrong name. But passion is a good sign that Fairy Pussy Willow/Ruby will be a part of our life for at least a little while so I'm happy.
fairypusswillow 005
So far she has been taken to the doctor, to story time (for show and tell!), and on a field trip (the tutu is another frequent traveler with us these days).
BigLatch 015

BigLatch 008

She even has jammies for when its time for snuggles.

august 056
And now Lucy knows the joys and struggles of being a co-sleeping mama.
august 053

But don't worry about green baby, she's getting lots of attention from someone else these days. 

august 013

august 016

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  1. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing :)