The things she says

Lucy's tried to create jokes before but they don't normally make much sense. But this one actually does!

We made a felt leaf banner and as I hung it up, she told me "Mom, I want to leaf/leave it up there. Leave it up. Like leaves. Leave it. I'm so funny, mommy." Yes she is.  

Lucy: We should make G grandpa's letter (Her letter is L, mine is M, Craig's is D, etc)
Me: Oh, that's true. And Grandma too.
Lucy (rolling her eyes at me): No. Grandpa loves guh-guh-grapefruit so he should have the letter G. Grandma doesn't love grapefruit.

Lucy's favorite fairy tales right now are probably Rapunzel and Hansel and Gretel.  We "play" them a lot which means we act them out.  She often tries to get Jonah to join in but (shockingly!) that doesn't always work. They are a bit gruesome and yes, we read the full Grimms versions but the scary witches, blinding falls and death by hot oven don't bother her at all. But one fairy tale I'm not allowed to read - The Frog Prince. Why? It's too sad. You don't remember the ending of that story being sad? Well, the frog turns into prince at the end and in her words "I just miss the froggy so much. I wuv froggies and so does the princess and it makes me sad inside when he leaves." At what age do you think the idea of a dashing young prince will start to sound better than a frog friend? I'm okay with a couple decades :-)

Lucy's current Bible memory verse is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and yes, that was a strategic choice. She did fine the first few days but then refused to say it one day. "No, I can't do all things - I can't fly! I can't push Jonah over on his head! I can't be a daddy!" We had a little discussion over what the verse actually means and but I'm not so sure she's convinced.

Lucy: This is a picture of a unicorn. You can also call them rhinocerahorses.

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