San Antonio

Last weekend we went down to San Antonio to visit my dad. He moved there a few months ago and this was our first visit to the new place. We kept it low-key, mostly hanging out with him and my brother, who drove in from A&M for the weekend. We watched some baseball, we watched some football, and chased the kids around to keep them from falling jumping into the pool.

I did get a chance to catch up with my old college friend and roommate and her husband. We were in the same Freshman organization which I now realize means we've known each other for 10 years! We both married our college boyfriends so it was kinda fun to see us all grown-up now and the men were good sports about listening to us prattle on about old times.

grandpas 008

We also had a little pumpkin adventure. And I really do mean "little." This pumpkin patch turned out to the very sad - and very expensive. Yeesh. But Lucy enjoyed her pony ride immensely, Jonah got to touch a pig and after much deliberation, pumpkins were selected.

grandpas 011

grandpas 017

grandpas 024

grandpas 034

grandpas 041

grandpas 048

grandpas 056

grandpas 058

grandpas 060

grandpas 061

Lucy was quite excited about the pumpkin carving process that afternoon. She was going to draw the picture on and then Grandpa would cut it out. Except, as time went on, the parts she wanted cut kept decreasing. First, she said everything, then just the mouth and nose, then just the mouth and by the end, she didn't want it cut at all. So she draw a cute picture on the front and we called it a day.

grandpas 067

grandpas 068

grandpas 072

Oh, and we stuck Jonah in a kimchi pot. I guess it's a tradition now. 

grandpas 085

grandpas 083

If you don't know baby sign language, he's signing "all done."

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