Small town livin'

I really like were we live. It's close enough to the big city that we can easily drive up there to spend the morning at the zoo, nature center or one of the free museums. But we aren't in the city. We have space and we live close to a cute little town and get to experience their homecoming parade and fire station open house, both of which we did in the last few weeks.

I forgot my camera for the homecoming parade but it was Lucy's first parade and she just loved it. Being a small town, we left about 10 minutes before it started, parked close by and walked a couple hundred feet to park our chairs. She played "run down the hill" with a couple of boys she met there, in which they ran down the hill and she slowly crept down the hill while crouched down so as not to accidentally go too fast. Jonah on the other hand was quite anxious to run down the hill and not too happy that we insisted he play on the sidewalk.

Then the cars started coming and along with the cars, the candy. Lucy was in heaven. She also got a couple glowsticks that Jonah later bit into and caused glowing staining liquid to spill all over my comforter and some Mardi Gras beads that she keeps choking herself on. And when it was over, we packed up and were home by bedtime. Much better than some of the long traffic filled parades I've attended.

A few days later we went to the fire house open house. We got there right at the beginning because Craig had to go to work afterwards and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. A few others trickled in before we left but there was lots of time to

Sit in the helicopter - Lucy wouldn't get in.
wol october 024

Sit in the firetruck - we finally got Lucy in for a few minutes after reassuring her it wouldn't go anywhere.

wol october 031

wol october 034

wol october 037

Then a fireman came up and offered to take them for a spin which scared her so she wouldn't go back in again. She would go in the boat since it couldn't go anywhere without water and she knew she would be safe.

wol october 044

wol october 048

But for all her nerves about the vehicles, she loves mascots and Smokey was no exception.

wol october 051

wol october 053

This guy pretty much scared everyone though. Craig took one for the team and tried to show Lucy and the other children there that he was friendly but most would only get close enough to get their cookie before retreating again. 

wol october 064

wol october 060

And no trip to a fire house is complete with a fire dog.

wol october 054

Small town living. It's a good thing. 

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