2 years

It's been two years* since my mom left this world. Sometimes it feels like just a second has gone by, sometimes it feels like forever. Time goes on but the heart still misses. I love you mom.

Actually, the hard day is this Saturday because in my mind, the day she died was the Saturday after Thanksgiving so if you want to say an extra prayer for me then, I wouldn't mind.


  1. You'll be in my thoughts this week. What a wonderful bunch of photographs/memories/adventures you've had--I love the mother-daughter matching outfits. I remember when you made some for you and Lucy. :) Happy Thanksgiving to all. (And I hope you're feeling better!)

  2. I missed this a few weeks ago. Finally have my computer running well and was able to pull it up. Oh my, I remember the first picture (I took it). We were in Germany when my mom and dad were there and I took the picture of them and your mom, and you and your brother, getting ready to go to the Freidberg Chapel (Ray Barracks) to be Christened. Sadly grandma and grandpa, and now your mom are gone. But we will always remember them. So sad and so happy all at one time.