The things she says

I'm still catching up on things and trying to remember how I made time to blog before but these are all the funny statements I saved from my break. 

Lucy: Are you happy I obeyed?
Me: Yes.
Lucy: Is God happy?
Me: Yes.
Lucy: Did God smile?
Me: Sure. 
Lucy: How can God smile if he doesn't have a mouth?
Me: I think I was set up.

Lucy: I'm just not going to eat my dinner. So I won't get a cookie or anything else until breakfast, right?
Me: That's the rule.
Lucy: I'm just being stubborn. 
Me: I guess so.
Lucy: What does stubborn mean?

Lucy: This is a picture I drew of a mama horse. Her name is Eliza. And these are her babies: willow, rainbowflower and taco shell.

Lucy: Mom, was that a joke?
Me: Yes. 
Lucy: No, only daddy's and kids are allowed to be jokesters. Not moms. 

Jonah: Screams ahh while attempting to climb out of his booster seat. 
Me: Wait a second. Let me wipe your hands first. 
Jonah: Still screaming while attempting to climb out of his booster seat.
Lucy: Jonah, you aren't even hesitating. Just hesitate! Hesitate!

Me: Lucy. It's bath time. 
Lucy: Oh, yay!
Jonah: Starts signing bath and bouncing up and down.
Lucy: Wait. Bath time or math time?
Me: Buh-buh-bath. 
Lucy(tears): Noooo! I thought you said math time. I want to do math. 

Lucy: What's next on our list?
Me: Cream cheese
Lucy: Oh! That's my favorite.
Me: Okay, here it is. Put it in the cart. 
Lucy: This isn't kimchi?
Me: No. It's cream cheese. 
Lucy (in tears): I wanted kimchi. 

FYI - For those that are now concerned with her hearing. It's fine. It's just that the other little person that is normally beside us during these conversations tends to be loud ;-)

Lucy, coming out with her baby in a ring sling and a purse in her arms: I'm pretending to be a mommy right now. A precious precious mommy. 

A commonly heard phrase around here that can strike fear in my heart: Oh, mom. Do you want to hear my splendid splendid idea?

And Jonah's starting to say his own funny things now!

Me, holding a nursing Jonah: Jonah, say I love mama (note: he has never said I love anything before)
Jonah: Shakes head
Me: How about I love mimi?
Jonah: Stops nursing, "ah la daddy!"
Me: Hey!
Jonah: ah la noona! ah la kitty! ah la mama!
Me: That's better. 

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