A story about a house - by Lucy

Last week while I was cooking dinner one night, Lucy asked for her oil pastels because she needed "to make some books right now." Since my hands were busy she "wrote" the story herself and then asked Craig to write it again when he got home. She's been making these pretty much non stop ever since. This is my favorite so far but its really hard to pick just one.

littlehouse 009

"I like all my rooms. I do not want to be moved from my hillside. I like where I am. I see the movers coming down the winding road." 

The movers thought that the little house could be moved. The house frowned. The house said to the movers "I do not want to be moved." 

The movers said "You don't have to be moved, little house." The movers went away. The house smiled. 

littlehouse 008

I may be a bit biased, but isn't she just the cutest thing?!

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